Interior Architectural Design

Designing every space with creativity.


Interior Design is growing rapidly in our modern world. It is reaching many people and capitalizing business gains for many designers. Dream Zone offers a wide range of courses in Interior design to help students turn their creative ideas into sophisticated designs

In places such as

  • ¬†Houses
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Public Arenas and Entertainment Areas.

The students learn from professionals in a highly-equipped environment, this helps them develop and improve skills and knowledge in Interior Designing.

Interior Design has created a huge career prospect for many students around the world. Students with innate creativity and proper technical proficiency, now have a great way to profit and evolve in the field of Interior design.

Our curriculum is tailor-made, designed to help students understand the

  • Touches of design development
  • Conceptualizing ideas
  • Building construction
  • Building materials
  • Space Planning & Project Management
  • Design elements & Process
  • Furniture and Styles
  • Interior Landscaping and Vastu
  • Auto CAD, Sketch up, 3DS max, Photoshop Software and V-ray tool.
  • Specification and estimation of a planned space

The students will be enabled to create, define, communicate and build their design of interior space, understanding the importance of not only the aesthetic value of a design but also the management of space in regard to the client needs.


It is required to underlay essential communication for understanding and conveying ideas. Candidates who have the passion for sketching and art along with interest in a computer can do wonders. It is not necessary to have prior experience with designer works, graphical works or design software knowledge.

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