Top skills you need to become a successful fashion designer

Did you ever dreamed of becoming a successful fashion designer? So do you possess all the qualities to make it big in this industry? Become aware of the top skills of a successful fashion designer. Highly creativity along with artistic skills: You need to be popular...

Dreamzone – A Place where Education & Entrepreneurship Co Exist

“College works on the factory model, and is in many ways not suited to training entrepreneurs… Entrepreneurship works on the apprenticeship model.” – Caterina Fake DreamZone is a division of CADD Centre for creative development of students with a unique approach of learning.

The Myths and the Actual Science Behind Logo Designing

Everyone knows that Logo Designing has artistry behind it. But, does anyone knows that logos can benefit from science? Well, when there are significant reasons behind the logo guidelines, there are also outdated design myths along the way.

How to Master Street Style in five ways?

When it comes to street style, it is the college going or youth who are currently obsessed with it. The generational influence towards street style is taking our attention and fashion industry to a roller coaster ride.

Beautiful Plants that can WOW your Interiors!

From wallpapers to the furniture and till the home accents – green is standing as the new cool in the design space. Since ages, green shade has occupied our love in the form of nature; a fresh yellow-green shade evokes opening days of spring when nature’s green...

Why Fashion Designers Need to Learn Sketching

Having the skills to transform ideas into drawings can make you reach new heights if you are working as style custom. Fashion designers not only need to have a creative mind towards the fashion trends, but they also need to have skills, talents, and the ability to execute their job correctly.