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From wallpapers to the furniture and till the home accents – green is standing as the new cool in the design space. Since ages, green shade has occupied our love in the form of nature; a fresh yellow-green shade evokes opening days of spring when nature’s green revive, renew and restore.

While talking about the character and influence of green, it reminds us to get into the roots of interior design trend, i.e. creating with houseplants. This stylish trend is dominating every interior space by its size or design style. Adding plants to the interior element brings health benefits for those who are living in your home such as improving air quality within the environment.

Are you ready to invite a little green inside? Bringing down the list of favorite interior plants and related trends to keep your home happy and thriving.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

The beautiful indoor plant is the right pick for many reasons. Not only people living inside the home but also interior designers love them due to their shape and dynamic leaf size. When the plants get bigger to many leaves, it looks beautiful, making a statement piece in the indoors.

Statement piece in the indoors

Statement piece in the indoors


These plants look lovely as a bunch and come in a range of colors and shapes. To add a pinch of beauty, place these beauties in simple terra cotta pots beside the bed. For those who have these plants at their home and those planning to buy them shall make sure not to overwater them.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Expressing in the way of long and angular striped leaves, snake plants are adorned by the interior designers. For introducing a baby plant with an impact, this plant fits perfect within the indoors. They not only make a striking vertical presence but also require no or little care-taking process. Therefore, making the perfect plant for the beginners.

Miniature Fruit Trees

If you have space and lighting within the premises, nothing is more suitable than the miniature citrus tree. Plant in a small citrus tree inscribe with its beautiful silvery leaves and never regret.

Feeling the green inspiration? Before you head on towards taking your home on the green tour, take care of a few things. Mind the drainage of houseplants wherein it is essential to always drill a hole beneath your plastic pot or cachepot to let the air in and dirt out.

We hope you had a good time learning about plantation interiors. Keep looking for the best trends, advice, and tips for interior designing at DreamZone Blog.

Happy Growing!

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